Interested in following along as we build our next new custom home?

If so, please be our guest and follow along as we share the step-by-step process of building a new custom home on our blog. We recently started our next build in Batavia Ohio on the east side of Cincinnati. An existing turn-of-the-century home beyond repair was used as a controlled burn by the fire department then the debris’s were hauled away. 

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First up we had the new house location staked off then the basement, garage and porch areas were excavated. Prior to the dig our excavator scraped off all the topsoil and placed it in a pile to redistribute during the final grade. After the excavating our foundation crew installed the footers that will support the foundation and house walls. 

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After the footers we installed perforated 4″ flexible drain tile pipe inside and outside of the footers with additional pipe going through the footers every 10′or so. The drain tile is hooked up to a crock which will eventually hold a sump pump in order to remove any groundwater from around the footers. This lot also accommodated a gravity drain which was hooked up to the drain tile and allows water to move downhill by gravity and away from the foundation.  The drain tile pipe will then be covered over by gravel and ready for the foundation walls to be installed.

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Considering Building a New Home in Butler County


Considering Building a New Home:  We understand that searching for just the right builder to construct your new home is difficult and we’d like to assist in making the decision easier. You deserve a home that works for you in every way, including size, style, amenities, and maintenance while being cost-effective. Just as important, your home should provide a safe, healthy, comfortable and sustainable environment for your family …unfortunately, not all homes do that. At Burnett Builders we understand that the more you know about how a home truly works, about energy efficiencies, healthy products, and exceptional building methods, the more you will realize that a Burnett Builders Home isn’t just a decision to Choose Right, it’s a choice to Live Right. Please check out some of our home plans at

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Thinking about moving to Ross Ohio?

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Ross Trails

This rural subdivision comprises a total of 365 acres and is scheduled to be completely built over the next 5 years.  Sitting on the old Ross Trails Girl Scout Camp, Ross Trails takes up the original 311 acre camp and has been expanded with surrounding land over the years to make up the subdivision you see today. The rolling hills and mature, forest-like landscaping make this a truly beautiful place to call home.

Sections one through four are almost complete and have only taken up about 100 acres. This leaves plenty of space for you and your family! Section 4 lots are available for purchase now and future lots are already being planned out. Like Dry Run Estates has been, this land is in an excellent community and should be a great investment.

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Burnett Builders is a local Ross Builder that has built many new homes in Ross Trails and throughout Butler County.


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