Mid-1800s Historic Home Attic Renovation

We were recently asked if we would consider taking on the renovation of an attic in a mid-1800s historic home on Main Street in Hamilton Ohio. As we are always up for a challenge we agreed under one condition. We stated it would be impossible to get drywall up to the attic with the small staircases and halls but if our drywall supplier was able to hoist the drywall up 3 1/2 stories and go through a window we would agree to the project.

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Our drywall suppliers stopped out to take a look and said indeed it would be possible so framing started shortly after. The project took approximately five weeks and included framing, new electric, HVAC, insulation, drywall, hardwood flooring, wood trim and painting. It added a little over 400 sq. ft. to this beautiful home. The space will be used as a studio loft for two of their three high school boys.

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         Appreciate the opportunity to give Burnett Builders the type of praise your team deserves. Communication and collaboration made the process flow so easy. Great group of professionals to work with. If we knew it could look this great and function this well, we have done it a long time ago.

Ken & Sarah

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